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Pioneering Beauty with OPROMA COSMETICS

At OPROMA COSMETICS, we understand the essence of beauty and the importance of bringing your unique vision to life. As a leading cosmetic manufacturer, we take pride in our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.
As OPROMA COSMETICS, we take pride in being the preferred cosmetic manufacturer for a diverse range of clients. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized service, we've had the privilege of working with some of the most esteemed names in the beauty industry.

Our Esteemed Clients Include:

  • Oplee Luxury Products
  • Baur Life Sciences Products
  • JA Beauty Care Products
  • Skin Techno Products
  • Ureka Healthcare Products
  • Ayendra & Co-Operations
  • Zircon Pharmaceutical Products
  • Skin Techno Products
  • Ureka Healthcare Products
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Trusted and reliable service is our main goal extremely,
Some answers to asked questions.

Yes, We can manufacture any kind of skincare, haircare and healthcare product according to customer requirement. You can contact us through 0703030420 to know more details.

The MOQ for one product is not less than 3000 pieces at the initial stage.

Yes. Each and every product we manufacture is released to the client with the NMRA, or Ayurvedic Department's, approval certificate. The certification process can be done by either the client or us.

We started manufacturing cosmetic product per customer requirements since 2012. We started in a very small scale and expanded the business to a three-store building in 2018.

You can easily contact us at our hotline number, +94 703030420, or email us at info@opromacosmetics.com.

We are sorry to inform you that we don’t give appointments at once without studying your requirements. So, it would be better to communicate with our team regarding your requirement, and then they will collect the required information from you to give you the appointment.


Our Customer Expressions

Your patronage adds a touch of elegance to our tapestry, and your feedback is the haute couture that completes the ensemble of our services.


I have been using Oplee mint clenser for about 2 weeks.My skin drastically changed and have a significant reduction of acne. I highly recommend this product.

Rasika Tissera


Man fairness cream eka kyapu widiyata use kara, Mage acne patches shaenna thibba.Ewa goddak adu wela dan. Eh gaanma tea tree face wash eka use kare,result godak hodai. Thank you very much.

Thiwanka Ruskshan


Oylage Product nmm best, Mage skin eka masayak yaddi godakma hoda una. Mn iyeth gatta thawa clenser ekak. Eka gewe nattan dan aduwak wage. E tharam best result thiyenawa. Godak Pin oyalata.

Mimandi S Punchihewa


Haa tkz mn awrudu gank aka aka cream muna kagaththaa..dakinna dakina aya ai ane oya mune gadi koshshara lassanata thibba muna kiyaddi Mata patta awul..me product aka witharai mn mehema ewasiimen use karanne..mn hithan inne cleanser ewara wenaknma use karala balanawa kiyala.mn kalu uneth ne Oplee walata thibba color aka ahemmama thiyenawa akai dakka gamn pimple kalali penne pimple walila bohoma amaruwen mn dn kochchara wath muna allnneth ne essara mage wade muna allnawa pimple aduda balnawa..oyalage site aken coustermers LA Gide karanawa hodin..tkz akata...

Tharu Kumari